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Got children and looking for the ideal pet? Buying a Ragdoll cat could be the perfect addition to your family. Here is why the Ragdoll makes the best family pet.

The Ragdoll cat has plush soft rabbit-like fur and brilliant blue eyes. They appear in three different colour patterns: Colourpoint, Bicolour and Mitted. Females tend to be smaller than males and usually mature at around 3-4 years old age.

Known for its laid back attitude and loving temperament, the Ragdoll integrates well with family life especially with children. Small children can manhandle animals in general and whilst it’s important to teach them how to pet animals correctly, the Ragdoll has a huge amount of tolerance. Their extreme docility has even given rise to the myth that they are resistant to pain.*

Ragdoll History

When picked up Ragdolls go limp and floppy like a Ragdoll dolly, hence the name given. The breed itself is relatively new as cat breeds go. Developed in the 1960s by an American breeder called Ann Baker, the characteristics are thought to have been passed down from their Persian and Birman descendants. The story of the Ragdoll is shrouded with mystery with some believing the resulting characteristics of the Ragdoll were due to a government experiment on genetic mutation.

Ann Baker, explains that the Ragdoll we have come to love started when her Persian/Angora cat called Josephine had a car accident. When she recovered her subsequent litters had a placid temperament and went limp when picked up. Realising these were desired traits in cats, Ann developed the breed and even trademarked the Ragdoll name. My post on Ragdoll Ancestory covers more on Ann and how the breed has become established.

Buying A Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is clearly loved by so many. The I Love Ragdolls Facebook page has over 2,000 members who regularly post photos of their pride and joys. Many of the photos submitted and shared, include those with young children and Ragdolls. The group has a great community feel and everyone shares their own tips and experiences. Should you decide to take the step to purchase a Ragdoll, please join us and say hello.

If you are a housewife or work from home, a Ragdoll can be great company during the day. One of my Ragdolls, sits on the table next to my laptop or on my lap. If I am cleaning, you can be sure she isn’t far behind me. My husband, who wasn’t keen on getting a cat (we now have three), loves them. I often find the female Marie, snuggled on his pillow in the mornings. My three Ragdolls simply adore children and will quite happily follow the kids about and sit in their rooms. They are docile and sweet creatures by nature.

Ragdoll cats can be expensive and with such characteristics described above, breeders can command high prices.** All I can say, is that they are so worth the investment. They truly are wonderful animals and you won’t be disappointed. Ragdoll cats sometimes sadly fall into the wrong hands and do get neglected or for other reasons, require adoption. If you are interested in adoption you can register your interest at your local Cat Protection leagues or with the TRCS. Or alternatively visit the Rescue and Rehoming article on this website.

The Best Family Pet

All in all, the Ragdoll is a very placid and loving breed of the cat variety however it will be dependent on the level of respect that you and your family give to it. As mentioned, it’s important to teach any young children how to gently stroke and pick up the Ragdoll correctly. If treated right, the Ragdoll can be a great amount of fun and a wonderful companion for all the family.

*The myth that Ragdolls are pain-resistant is exactly that – a MYTH. These wonderful animals should be treated with the upmost respect. Any love given to them will be returned ten-fold.

**High prices compared to what you would pay for an average moggy in the UK in 2013.

Author: Sam Wonder

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