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So how much do you love your Ragdoll cat? If it’s anywhere near as much as I love mine, you will no doubt be doing them a Christmas stocking. I like to get my three Rags, a good selection of kitty toys to keep them entertained. I always think it’s especially important as Ragdolls are primarily indoor cats.

Here are some of my favourite indoor cat toys, ideal for your Ragdolls Christmas stockings.

Top 10 Christmas Cat Toys

  1. 20 Piece Cat Toy Bag – fantastic value since small cat toys seem to go missing quite quickly. I usually find a mountain of them, and my daughter’s small figures, underneath the sofa.
  2. Cat Toy Mouse With Catnip – this wire ball has a small fury mouse inside loaded with catnip. Watch as your cat rolls the ball around trying to free the mouse inside.
  3. Crinkle Play Bag Cat Toy – containing a small removable catnip pouch, watch as your cat climbs inside and rolls about in the crackling bag. It’s perfect for hiding and jumping out on people from.
  4. Ancol Acticat Plastic Playground – ideal for when you have to leave your cat alone. This spring loaded pom-pom toy pings around entertaining your cat for hours.
  5. The Feather Teaser Cat Toy – This is probably Marie’s favourite toy. She likes to carry it in her mouth and haul it up the steps tripping herself up in the process.
  6. CatIt Senses Grass Garden – perfect for the kitty that doesn’t venture outside the house! My two both love to poke and chew on this indoor grass patch. It aids digestion and helps prevent the build-up of hairballs.
  7. FroliCat BOLT – this interactive cat laser toy means you can entertain your cat with having to be involved. Great if you are in the middle of something and your cat decides its play time. You can just switch this toy on and it buys you 15 minutes.
  8. Smart Cat Peek and Play Toy Box – this wooden play box will transfix your cat as it pokes the cat treats and toys hidden the multiple small holes.
  9. Cat & Kitten Pop up Play Cube – As we have seen from the numerous photos sent in of Ragdolls hiding in boxes, they simply love to climb into things. This bright orange cube has holes on each side, perfect for sticking a Cat Charmer through.
  10. Catlt Sense Circuit – appealing to all your Ragdolls senses, this peek-a-boo track will entice, engage and entertain. My two love this and I enjoy seeing them bat the tubes and sit on top it. Additional accessories are available to extend or change the circuit layout.

Don’t forget to keep any kitty safe packaging – no doubt they will enjoy any brown paper or boxes as much as the gifts themselves!!! Please remember polystyrene/styrofoam is poisonous so ensure it’s removed and out of reach from your cat.

Merry Christmas from the Adoring Clan and Sam Wonder xx

Author: Sam Wonder

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