Introducing A New Cat

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Are you thinking about getting a new bundle of joy but worrying about how your existing cat might react? I certainly was when I introduced Marie to Angelo. Marie is a one year old Tortie Ragdoll and Angelo a 12 week old Blue Bi Ragdoll. Please see The Gallery for pictures.

Introducing a new kitten to your home

When I brought Angelo home from his breeder, I took his carrier straight into the living room/conservatory area. This was to be the main room he would be spending the majority of his time in. It’s also where his food, sleeping quarters and litter tray are. It’s important to remember that your kitten is likely to be stressed due to the journey and being uprooted from the only home they have known as well as being away from their mother.

Open the carrier door, and allow the kitten to come out in his own time. That way their sense can adjust to their new environment and they can investigate in their own time. Angelo, bless him, sat in his carrier for well over an hour before venturing out. His final emergence from the carrier was slow and quiet, despite making a racket in the car on the journey home. Be sure to leave the carrier on the floor, for at least the first night. That way should the kitten want to hide at some point, it can retreat into the carrier which they know is safe.

At this point, it might be worth reading my post on How To Litter Train A Kitten. Even if your kitten is said to be litter trained, they may become confused in their new environment. It is likely that accidents will happen. Angelo took a liking to my husband’s lounge pants! But that’s what happens when they get left on the floor with a new kitten around – men LOL!

How to introduce a new kitten to a cat

After a few hours, let your other cat in the room. Do not close any doors to the room as its important both cats have a means of escape should they feel the sudden need to. It’s likely that your cat will already know that another animal is in the room before they have even set eyes on it. Marie certainly did. She was desperate to get in the room and as soon as she was in crept up to the carrier inquisitively. Then there were fireworks!!

From my experience and talking with my breeder, many cats hiss, spit and growl when they come face to face with a new kitten in their home. And that’s the thing to remember, it’s THEIR home. You are THEIR Mum. And they don’t want to share you.

Marie definitely had a bad case of the green-eyed monster but she soon settled down. Sharing her litter tray seem to be one of the biggest issues she has had. Every time Angelo went to use it, she would run at him and pounce on him. It’s no wonder he peed on the lounge pants!!

So on that basis, its imperative everything stays the same for your existing cat in the form of meal times, their food, cuddle time etc etc. Once they realise that the new kitten is no threat to their existing set up, the cat will relax. I am happy to say that Marie and Angelo play nicely together now and sleep in the same vicinity as one another. Eventually I suspect I will find them curled up to one another.

Please contact me below if you have any questions on this post or want to know more. I would love to hear more about anyone else’s experience with introducing a new kitten to the family. Please feel free to comment below.

Sam Wonder x

Author: Sam Wonder

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