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For more information or if you simply have a question relating to Ragdolls, please email Sam Wonder at

Looking for a Breeder?

Whilst I Love Ragdolls is NOT a breeder, we are happy to help you find one. Please contact us telling us your location and any criteria you are looking for.

Ragdoll Rescue & Rehoming

The I Love Ragdolls website is happy to help any owner with rehoming their Ragdoll. We have already helped with searching for a new home for two Ragdolls via our Facebook page which has over 2,000 Ragdoll lovers across the globe. Feel free to join the group today.


This is a blog devoted to Ragdoll Cats. Should you wish to advertise products or services relating to Ragdolls, please constant

Sam Wonder x


  1. I need a playmate for Jasper. Has to be on sale. I just got done paying for Jasper on my credit card so please help me make it affordable. Thank you. PS Jasper is EXTREMELY HAPPY

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  2. Hi, I think Jasper is a Lilac Colorpoint because he has green eyes. Anyways, I’m looking for a playmate for him and I saw one, beautiful kittie for $250. Is that kittie still available…yeah, right, NOT!

    I’m also looking in St Petersburg/ Clearwater area.

    Jasper is so amazing. It was so funny, when he started nipping really hard I pretended to cry and he started licking where he was biting and has never bitten me ever since.

    I love him so much. I’m not sure if I can afford to have more love. But I’ll give it a try.

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    • I’m moving and you can have Jasper foe 199 if you promise with your life that you will love him forever 7276968528

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    • 200 for Jasper

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  3. Jasper died last year. But i wanted you to know he was loved beyond belief! He spent all of his time under the bed. He was always preparing for death. I loved him so much.

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